fashion-picsHello there, fashion lovers. Welcome to my fashionville. On here, you will see the good and the bad of fashion and trends in our world today. I will talk about the best bargains and where to get the greatest trends of the season.  Now although I have a passion for fashion, I might get off topic and share my thoughts about life. So grab a cup of tea, sit back,  and enjoy.


With a stitch of love,

Fashion Fiend



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  2. Wax Myrtle

    Wow. It seems like you really have a “passion for fashion” but I’m still not sure. I’d like to see more of what you have to say on the world of fashion and what not.

    You can backstitch me anyday!!

  3. FashionlyAbsurd

    HEY, NewYorkCityFashionFiend,
    Tubular blog! I love your idea, its totally fresh. Now for the real reason I’m here. I NEED HELP!!
    So here’s the sitch:
    It was at a restaurant downtown, with big plans for partying afterward. (I wore a red velvet with chiffon coverlet dress under purple (a hot color, right?) tights with awesome blue Kitten-heel leather boots). To say the least, I was ostracized. Ditched. (Not bedazzled, if you will)
    Was it me, or the outfit?

    Fashionly Absurd

    P.S. A little advice, take it from me, the blogging world is extremely harsh, dangerous, might I add, and you’ll need a friend. XD (aka- keep me posted!)


    • Anna

      Dear Fashionly Absurd,

      Wow. I completely see your dilemma about your “outfit” for partying downtown. If you want to be with the “in-crowd” (so they say), you must dress to impress. You have definitely come to the right place to find out about fashion and what to wear. If I understand correctly, you styled a red velvet dress with a chiffon coverlet UNDER (tucked into?) purple tights with blue kitten-heel boots.
      First off, NEVER (and I mean never) tuck your dress into your tights. It creates a so called bulge which acts against any figure. I hope that the tights were not sheer…that could be the reason that you were avoided that night. Purple is very much an “in” color, but you might want to look at yourself in the mirror with the vibrant red velvet and the bold blue boots.
      When picking an outfit for an evening out, you need to think it out first. I do like how you tried something different and mixed chiffon with velvet, two totally incompatible fabrics. A coverlet is actually supposed to go on your bed, not your shoulders. And kitten-heel boots are actually very in this season. You might want to wear them with black or gray tights instead.
      If you are a shy person, you might want to go easy on your garments. When you don’t talk much, your clothes speak for you. Even when you are spotted across the room wearing a red velvet dress under purple tights.
      You were going the right way with your outfit, but next time try to go with less bold colors or go with only one type of fabric. And thank you for the tips about blogging! I indeed am very excited!!

      Write back soon-
      Fashion Fiend

  4. Tish and TRISH

    Dear Fashion Fiend,

    Hey there! I’m Tish! AND I’M TRISH! We’re from Alabama!! AND WE LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG. It’s the coolest thing to hit our little town since sliced bread! SO I MADE TISH A BET THE OTHER DAY ABOUT FASHION, AND WE WANNA SEE WHO IS THE “KNOW IT ALL” IN THIS FIELD, TAKE IT AWAY TISH. Don’t mind if I do. Well, even though I love my dear twin TRISH dearly, I have to admit that she has the worst taste in fashion. Ever. Sorry Trish. YA. HEY NOW! I COULD SAY A THING OR TWO BOUT YOURS! Anyway, we were discussing what’s “in” and what’s “out” for this easter season (OUR NEXT BIG AFFAIR). YEP, THE ‘OL DATE OF APRIL 21, READY TISH? Ready Trish. You see, we really, really, REALLY want to impress these two twin boys that live next door to us, just 20 miles away, Mike and Ike. Back to fashion. SO I TOLD TISH, WHY NOT A BEAUTIFUL BUBBLEGUM PINK SUGAR PLUM PRINCESS DRESS PAIRED WITH THOSE AWESOME INFLATABLE MOON BOOS WE SAW AT THE SPACE STORE TO REALLY CATCH IKE’S EYE… BUT… I said no way!!! The only thing she’ll catch in that is Billy Joe, the little 4 year old down the street who can’t stop chewing bubble gum long enough to form a word. So I suggested, a beauuuuuuutiful bright green jumper paired with the most diiiiivine orange rainboots. Now, that’s a way to be noticed. I told Trish I’d have Mike in a second if I wore that giddup! BUT I’M THE ONE WHO LIKES MIKE, SO THAT WOULD NEVER WORK!

    WHO’S BETTER? (ME) or me ??

    Thanks for your input! Sincerely,
    Tish and TRISH

    • Anna

      Dear Tish and Trish,

      Hello! I have never been to Alabama, but I’ve heard that it is really…something. I have to say, wow. The outfit really depends on where you are wearing it. If you are wearing it to an evening dinner, you might want to go with bold colors like pink and orange. But if you are styling it during the day, you should pick soft pastel colors like lavender or peach.
      Boots are definitely in style this season, but I don’t think moon boots would be appropriate for the spring (too heavy duty). A green jumper could actually be cute if paired with a white shirt underneath! I’m not sure that I would go with those “divine” orange rainboots. Rainboots are for rain. I think we should all keep it that way. Go with some cute white or black ballet flats that would complement the outfit.
      I personally detest both outfits. Please do not wear either if you want to go on a date. Remember-first impressions do count! So wear the right outfit! I would suggest getting some fashion therapy in your local town. It might be an advantage to both of you.

      Thanks for your comments

      Fashion Fiend

  5. FashionlyAbsurd

    Dear NewYorkCityFashionFiend,
    You are my new best friend! Thanks for ALLLLL of the advice. I’m serious, want to go clubbing downtown with me next week? (Get back with me as soon as possible XD !)

    As for the fashion, I’d love to list the things you taught me, so if any of your other fans would like to see it- it is some wonderful tips!

    1) Never wear too many bright, contrasting colors
    2) Take risks, but never tuck you dress into your purple sheer tights; leave that to the runway! 😉
    3) Shop at clothing stores and do not wear things like “coverlets” that you buy at Linens and Things, no matter how cute!
    4) Keep the blue kitten-heeled leather boots- THEY’RE GOLDEN! (well, royal blue, actually…)
    5) Consult NewYorkCityFashionFiend EVERY TIME I go clubbing! ( love ya! 😉 )

    Lastly, I know you really like my sense of fashion, and I know that some people find it absurd, but you and me know that it is really just toooo fashionable to be understood by common man sometimes! Thanks! BFFL

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