Classics to keep in Your Wardrobe

Every woman should start out with some classic items: a little black dress, a cashmire sweater/cardigan, a pair of black heels, a trench coat/pea coat, a solid color shirt, an earth-toned handbag, and some nice black pants. After you have a few of those basics, you can start adding on with trends. The trends for this spring are said to be “cut-away clothes”, long romantic fairy-tale dresses, jewel-encrusted clothing, romanesque draping, military style garments, oversized bows, and flapper style dresses. These trends start from a runway, then worn by celebrities, seen by fashionistas, and then bloom into clothes that people itch to have in their closets.little-black-dress



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5 responses to “Classics to keep in Your Wardrobe

  1. Confused

    Dear Fashion Fiend,

    I am terribly lost!!! After reading your newly updated blog this morning, I rushed out to buy all that you said would be “in” this year! I was so excited that I wanted to try it out! So I went on this date with this totally scrumptous guy tonight! Everything was going great!!!! Until he picked me up that is. I opened the door, he took one look at me, and ran!!!! He even left his car at my house!! He just kept on running!!! I don’t know what I did!!! I was wearing exactly what you told me to- I wore a jewel-encrusted shirt that I cut up myself, over my Cinderella dress that I wore for Halloween, a pair of military combat boots, a giant red bow on my butt, and a feather band for a little taste of the flapper in me. It was perfect! So why did he run?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Anna

      Dear Confused,

      That is so exciting that you really read into my post! You didn’t have to go out and get everything trendy for the season. You only want to have a few of those items because trends tend to come and go. For example, back in the 80s, scrunchies and blue jean jackets were in. Now, no one wears them! You need to remember to go easy when buying trends because of the “trend wave”. Now, whenever there are a list of trends to buy, DO NOT MIX THEM ALL TOGETHER! That is only good if you really want to express yourself very strongly. Also, try not to style the “butt-bows”. If you wear oversized bows, then wear them on your collar or at your waist line. And flapper-styled dresses are in…not the feathered head pieces! So, in conclusion, he ran because he saw that you were a “fashion victim” or a “fashionista”, which you can look up the definition on my “history of fashion” page.

      Thanks for reading!
      Fashion Fiend

      P.S. What kind of car did he leave at your house? Maybe you can put a “for sale” sign on it just to get him back.

  2. Every woman should have a little black dress, and honestly, for us guys, its the easiest to match when it comes to an event. Not only is it simple, it’s elegant and sexy.

  3. AP

    WTF are cut away clothes?

    • Anna

      Well, AP, I am so glad that you asked. Cutaway clothes are where intricate missing elements of fabric work to show off glimpses of the female figure in a sensual fashion.

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