Most Un-Fabulous Looks of Spring 2009 Shows

There were so many beautiful, new and fresh looks from New York’s fashion week last fall. Every designer works so hard on each piece of clothing that gets presented on the runway during fashion week. However, there were a few looks that were…pretty out there.Hideous Look on the runway Here are a few:

Is this even considered a piece of clothing? How can the model see down the runway?

Pretty in Pink?


This garment looks like an Elle Woods Re-mix! There are way too many different colors of pink on this model! And maybe, next time, the fabric could be a little more modest.

This. is. scary.

Would you want your boyfriend wearing this? Or even your girlfriend?? I know that mixing patterns are in style, but I think this is just too much. I mean, look at his face! Even he is embarrassed to style this look.


It looks as if this model stepped out of Star Trek or Star Wars. Right down to the shoes and gloves.



I give credit to the color and the modernization, but I personally would not wear this even if I were a nun. There is way too much fabric on the pleated bottom half and the “foot-cuffs” don’t appeal to me much.


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One response to “Most Un-Fabulous Looks of Spring 2009 Shows

  1. chloé

    i wouldn’t wear any of these, but then again that’s why it’s called high fashion : )
    what inspired you to start a fashion blog(?)

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