Fashion Difference in Just 9 Years

I researched back to the Fashion Week in 2000 and couldn’t believe what I found. In just about 9 years, the fashion has already changed dramatically.

Fashion Week in 2000

Fashion Week 2000A model wears a beaded camisole and flannel pants at a showing of the Ralph Lauren Fall 2000 line in New York. 




 Fashion Week 2000

 A black beaded tie-back fringed top is modeled over black taffeta pants during the showing of Nicole Miller’s Fall 2000 collection in New York on Feb. 8, 2000.











Fashion Week in 2008


Fashion Week 2008

This model is wearing a black Reem Acra cocktail dress with a jewel-encrusted (This year’s trend!) collar for New York Fall Fashion Week 2008.

Fashion Week 2008

This beautiful white Chanel coat is being shown by a model at the New York City Fall Fashion show in 2008.



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3 responses to “Fashion Difference in Just 9 Years

  1. Its ever changing!! When your in the moment it doesn’t seem that fashion will change but when you actually look back…ur jaw always seem to drop to the floor and say wow!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chloé

    thankyou for your comment anna : )
    it feels wonderful to have inspired someone i don’t know to try there hand at photography
    i don’t want to sound too biased when i say, i prefer nikon cameras & would recommend buying a nikon
    do you currently have a camera(?) x

  3. chloé

    hey anna, that’s good talking to other gives you a broad out look & i found different opinions to be very use full when making my decisions. the D70 is a good camera, however i am very new to SLR’s so i’m not really sure what advice i can give you. on my page, look at “i follow” & anthony hemmings photography, anthony is very good at answering questions & highly knowledgeable.
    i know what the sony cyber shot it & i am thinking going from that to an SLR might be daunting.

    i think having a passion/hobby is wonderful, my life always had an empty little space before i found photography. i’m gathering it was the same for you with fashion.
    so am i going to see your stuff on the catwalk any time soon(?) : )

    p.s. in your side bar / dash board .. go to users > your profile > contact info > website & enter into it
    when you comment people it will automatically link back to your site : )

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