Fashion Illustration

fashion illustrations

Fashion Illustration is a medium in which creative expression can be given free rein and designers can explore ideas before the realities of budgets, fabrics, or physics intervene.  Fashion designers’ sketches reveal inspiration as well as color and style. When learning to transfer ideas onto paper, designers are taught to find their own style. Each designer should have theier own unique design that sets their designs, or even their drawings, apart from any other designer. Nothing captures a fashion moment or mood quite like a designer’s first drawing for a dress.

Here are a few pictures of distinct fashion illustrations. (I couldn’t find many specific designer sketches.)Sketch by Tracy Reese


IllustrationOld Illustration




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2 responses to “Fashion Illustration

  1. This is just a fabulous post Miss Fashion, we adore fashion sketches/illustrations, etc. We are fortunate enough to have one of Mom’s original Edith Head illustrations.
    Have a splendid weekend!

  2. chloé

    when i was in school i stuided graphics & visual arts/communication & design; the illustration here, (talking about photo one) top left & top middle are strikingly similar to photos i drew from hand for a piece i was working on in year 11
    i adore sketches x

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