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Valentines Day is a day to share with your sweetheart, giving each other chocolates, flowers, and even handmade notes. While these people are busy showing their loved one how much they really do love them, many designers are busy putting love into designing and creating their clothes. Lately, designers have been inspired by Valentines Day, which is said to be the most romantic day of the year. From hearts to roses, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Prada and numerous others have come up with many new and beautiful designs.Marc JacobsheartclutchVersaceRose ShoesPrada Shoes



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2 responses to “More Valentine’s Day Fashion

  1. Congratulations! For $30, you have a camera that is in many ways every bit as capable as a $1000 digital SLR.

    You are on the right track with getting a book as well. I was recommending a book that’s actually called “Understanding Exposure” (it gets recommended more or less constantly), but after looking it up, it probably isn’t the best choice. Peruse Barnes and Noble until you find something that seems to start at about your level and take you where you want to go. Remember that your camera is all manual, so if it’s a book focusing heavily on auto modes (or digital), it won’t be as much help. You can also get that camera’s manual at

    and it will give you the basics of operating it. This camera will most certainly give you a great start, and will be a lot of fun. People will also look at you like you’re either an artist or an alien, which is a lot of fun as well. I started in 35mm with a KR-5 Super II, which is a slightly later model that is almost identical. Those Ricohs are a ton of camera for the money.

    As far as I know, most Walgreens and CVS locations do color (the process is called C-41) film processing. Target and Wal-Mart also do it at many locations. Traditional black and white film is much harder to get developed (and much easier to do in your home- the process is completely different), but there are black and white films that can be processed in regular C-41 color processing with great results (Kodak BW400CN, which you can get at Wal-Mart, and Ilford XP2, which is harder to find).

    As for lenses, the one that comes on the camera sounds like it could take you a long way. I only use 50mm lenses (55mm is essentially the same) on my film cameras (unless I borrow something else), and they are fantastic. Looking through a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera very naturally reproduces what your eye sees (it doesn’t feel “zoomed” in or out), and as such it is very usable. Because of this, it is called a “normal” focal length. The lens you have should be decent, but yes, you can upgrade to any Pentax manual-focus lens if you want something longer, shorter, faster, or more solidly built. is a great source for that kind of thing.

    I think you’re off to a really great start. Keep me updated on your progress, feel free to ask any and all questions that come up, and get ready for a great adventure.

  2. chloé

    wow that’s so exciting : )
    what camera did you get(?) i’m excited to see your stuff
    thankyou it’s nice to know i’ve inspired someone : )

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