A Little Bit About…Abigail Lorick



The mastermind behind “Lorick” is Abigail Lorick. Born on Amelia Island, Florida, Abigail knew the South couldn’t contain her. At the age of 18, she moved to Paris and Milan to model for designers such as Alberta Ferretti and Mossimo while appearing in acclaimed magazines French C’osmopolitan, American Elle and American Harper’s Bazaar. Working as a model only enhanced her love of fashion and led her to move in 2003, to New York City to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology while working simultaneously at T.S. Dixin. By 2004, Abigail was designing T.S. Dixin’s entire collection. After proving her vision over a few seasons, Abigail’s production manager in India, Verma Singh, approached her to createa collection of her own. Quickly thereafter in the Spring of 2007, she conceptualized and launched the Lorick brand.Waldorf

Lorick DressesYou’ve probably seen Abigail Lorick’s designs on Gossip Girl.  When the model turned fashion designer started her line, the producers for the show quickly grabbed the attention of the new and fresh collection. They were looking for a real line to dub as the Eleanor Waldorf Collection- for the fictional character/designer Eleanor Waldorf. The designer even got the chance to play Eleanor’s assistant in the series. Where do we sign up for that life?! Blair (Leighton Meester) wears a lot of Lorick designs, and there are scenes where she gives away Lorick clothes to Jenny (Taylor Momsen) as hand-me-downs. Most of her pieces are classic and timeless, but there’s always a twist to them, like the backless dresses that Serena and Blair wore in the park. From the front it’s a classic and then from the back it’s sexy. She really finds that line — keeping that timelessness but being sexy, fun and quirky at the same time.

She models for her own line


“I’m hoping to inspire women to dress-up again, to wake up in the morning and throw the scarf on, wear gloves in the summer or pair a T-shirt with a full skirt. Women today don’t embrace that excitement.” –Abigail Lorick


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