Fashion in the 1920s

FlappersWomen’s fashion in 1920 was all about the flappers. These liberal, free-thinking women wore short skirts, short haircuts, sheer stockings–and, most shockingly–make-up. The style of the flapper is most often described as being youthful and boyish, as these young women were abandoning the popular curves of early generations for straight lines and loose clothing.

Although seemingly harmless by today’s standards, women’s fashion in 1920 was controversial and looked upon with disapproval by conservative men and women. Prior to the flapper movement, ladies kept their legs covered and abstained from drinking or smoking, especially in public. Now, young women were exercising their independence and developing an entirely new fashion statement.flapperflapperflapperFlapperflapper



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2 responses to “Fashion in the 1920s

  1. AP

    I absolutely LOVED this!! the 1920s are my favourite decade and the fashion is so amazing! thanks for this great article!

  2. VBR

    great blog. love the 20’s fashions!

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