Dangerous Shoes on the Runway


Fashion Zac Posen Fall 2008

There is an undeniable thing happening with shoes right now in the fashion world. They’re going insane. This is not new–shoes have been getting bigger and weirder for a few years now. But this season, they reached some sort of (ankle) breaking point. They are clunky and spiky and outrageous, studded up like dog collars or all out with inverted heels. At Rodarte, Prada, and Miu Miu, models stumbled and tripped and wiped out completely. It was impossible not to wonder: If professional models can’t make it down twenty feet of flat plywood while glued into their shoes—yes, designers have tried to resort to glue and tape—how in the world am I going to make it to my car? And what about the poor clothes? Sometimes the shoes are so fantastic that the clothes were merely an afterthought. They are lovely little sculptures, these shoes, worth admiring and puzzling over the physics. But for traipsing around in the real world: not so much.



Here are some of Spring’s Most Dangerous Shoes:


shoe1John Galliano

shoe2Dolce & Gabbana

shoe3Christian Dior


shoe6Marc Jacobs



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3 responses to “Dangerous Shoes on the Runway

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. They are truly dangerous! I wonder how these women stay on top of those shoes. (I used to ask the same question to my sisters and girl friends)It looks twenty storey high.(lol). Thanks a lot for your comments. Antony and Chloe are really cool friends(aka blog friends) of mine, and they are keeping me busy.(lol). If they helped you to find the camera, no doubt; thats gonna be the Best for you. Fashion needs Photography! So a camera will come handy for you for sure. I thought the same when I started blogging, coz nobody bothered to comment even though I had a huge number of views. But I do comment on what I go through. Hey you can even help me improve my style of dressing..Haha! I love drawing & designing too. Are you doing your masters??

  3. chloë

    hello girlie long time on speak, or post
    where have you been(?)
    are you going to start a photography blog so we can see your stuff (?)
    these are some seriously hot but dangerous shoes

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