Björk: Fashion Icon

Bjork1Björk (pronounced bee-york) is most commonly known for her quirky songs and crazy music videos, but did anyone know that she was also a fashion model (and icon)? Well, since I am loving Katy Perry and her songs right now, I have been listening to her Celebrity Playlist Podcast on itunes. bjork swan princessShe lists all of the songs that she is obsessed right now and one of the songs just happened to be “Oh So Quiet” by Björk! Katy explained how Björk has a fabulously crazy style and how her music videos were just out of this world. bjork4So, of course, I had to go look Björk up to see what this was all about. I found out so many interesting and really weird things about her, one of them being her fashion sense. I seem to have a strong interest for people who aren’t afraid to wear what they want (even if it does make it on the worst dressed list). For example Betsy Johnson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cher, Heidi Klum, Katy Perry and now Björk!Bjork2



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2 responses to “Björk: Fashion Icon

  1. chloë

    ahuh, welcome back to you too 🙂
    that last photograph is wicked, i love the light
    how’s things with you(?)

  2. Charles

    Cool blog and awesome post. Correction though… its pronounced Bee-yerk, kind of like jerk. Just a tip from a Bjork fanatic. 🙂

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