A Bit of Fashion History

Yes, this is fashionableThe world of fashion is endless. Some say that fashion only consists of clothing. Others believe that it is a work of art placed and styled to one’s figure. There are many fabrics that can be put together to make professional styles and display a designer’s individuality, which may catch the eye and delight potential buyers. Many fashions are popular in many cultures at any given time. Some of the high style Couture designs may change quickly or flash-out, and that brings the “fashion” in the street sense, which is the latest version of these styles, change rapidly also. Instinctive in the capture of people’s minds is the idea, that the course of design and fashion will change quicker and more rapidly, than the culture as a whole.


History shows that the first ever fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth.  He was the first person to ever have the insight to create a fashion house.  He is often still considered the Father of Haute Couture. A silk ball gown created by Charles Frederick Worth in 1872

Fashions may vary within a society according to age, social class, generation, occupation, and geography as well as over time. If, for example, an older person dresses according to the fashion of younger people, they may look ridiculous in the eyes of both younger and older people. The terms fashionista or fashion victim refer to someone who slavishly follows the current fashions or trends. A new term originated in the United States during the economic difficulties of 2008: recessionista, combining the words recession and fashionista. Recessionista may be defined as a person who strives to remain fashionable on a smaller budget.


2 responses to “A Bit of Fashion History

  1. Recessionista

    Hey Girl! I’m totally a recessionista! In fact, I HAVE to splurge on something totally recesionista-ish! TODAY I BOUGHT A CHLOE BAG FOR $10 !!

    It is gorgeously glamorous in every way! Oh, my newyorkfashionfiend, I am IN LOVE!

    I’ll keep you updated on anything else!

    xoxo, gossipRecessionista

  2. Well said! Recessionista..is the new trend. WoW!
    Are you a professional in Fashion Industry?

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