About: Fashion Fiend

Here I am hard at work (on my fashion blog)The real passion for me is fashion. I love everything about it: the trends, how garments are designed and created, all of the different styles and designers, and just writing about fashion. I am constantly drawing and thinking about fashion and how i can make something better.  On this blog, I document fashion in today’s world and sometimes I even ask you your opinion!


Current Favorite Designer: Reem Acra. I love Reem Acra as a fashion designer because she makes all her looks and designs look stunning on basically anyone. Just looking at her runway shows makes me want to buy everything of hers!


5 responses to “About: Fashion Fiend

  1. Anneka

    Hey Girl!
    This blog is amazing! Your well on your way to your dream. You could even be a major editor of Vogue or something like that. I can see you as someone like Miranda from Devil Wears Prada except fun and sweet and nice! And of course a MAJOR designer. So cool…

    I’ll be checking up on this blog more often. I really enjoyed the part about the worst fall fashions. That was funny:)

    xo Anneka

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my artwork Anna 🙂

    …It means a lot coming from someone with such great taste – and a fantastic blog 😉

  3. Hi Anna, I’ve no clue about fashion(lol). But your blog is really informative. That will help me for sure. Nice to meet you 😀 I’ll be back soon!

  4. Norwegian Girl

    Hi, Anna.
    I just wanted to say that your blog has reached Norway (you know, the small oil-loving country next to Sweden) and that we love your blog. I hope december was not the last we well see from you, because this blog is absolutely one of the better fashoinblogs I have ever read. So, if you want my advice: continue on this blog and use it to live your dream! If all this is your own work, then you are way on your way to one of the biggest fashion-magazines in the world, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Elle. Keep up the good work and my guess that we will see a lot of you in the future!

    PS: if you want more readers, you can sign up for something called Bloglivin’. Just go to Bloglivin.com and sign up there! =)

  5. sip

    hi i love your blog i wish i knew about it earlier though. i love fashion too so much in fact just like you whenever i am or whatever i see i translate it into fashionista language.i mean if i see someone dressed in a certain way and dont feel the outfit i totally redress them or when i see a beautiful design even a gorgeous wall painting i picture it on a dress somewhere. av been drawing since childhood but ended up doing something totally different in university and now am done and i still want fashion 😦

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