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Do’s and Dont’s

The most thing that women lack is confidence. You need to have confidence in order to really shine into the beautiful person that you really are. Everyone has “problems” or something that they don’t like about their body. This year, you need to learn to live with your flaws. Walk a little edgier. Hold your head up a little higher. Smile and show off your own unique self to others. Trust me, people will envy what you have: confidence. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you out.


Orange is chic!DO:

  • Wear high-waisted skirts into the new year: When wearing these stylish skirts, remember to keep your hair, makeup, and accesories modern. Make sure that you tuck your top into the skirt and maybe add a simple belt to achieve the full affect.


  • Stock up orange – it’s the new purple for 2009: Orange is my personal favorite color! I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of brights because even though people are sad, they want to put on a happy face and the big color that’s working right now is orange. I also think we’re also going to be seeing a lot of blues, greens and pinks.


  • Style the bold necklaces: Go for vintage. Some of the best “bold” jewelry pieces can be found for cheap at vintage or thrift stores. Aged pieces tend to have lots of character and pizzazz and can say a lot about your personality. Not to mention, it’s much easier on your wallet.


  • Keep the black (and colored) leggings: Stay away from too-sheer leggings. Other than that, go crazy with prints and colors as long as its matched with a solid color outfit.


  • Switch from black to white nail polish: Black nail polish was all the rage in 2008, which I attribute to the neo-goth “Twilight” phenomenon. I think white nail polish and more French manicures with be seen this year.


  • Mix black and brown, as well as silver and gold: It has always been a rule that black and brown and silver and gold do not go together. Lately in the fashion world, people have broken rules like “don’t wear white after labor day” rule (another “do”!) and “always match your shoes with your handbag” rule.  Mix the colors! Mix the metals! After all, rules are meant to be broken, right?




  • Let magazines take over your own style: Sure, you can go to magazines for style tips and suggestions, but don’t let it over-rule your personal style. That’s what make you unique.


  • Example of a Fashion Victim! She looks too clutteredWear baggy clothes: Go with form fitted or tailored clothes, which are so much more flattering than baggy clothes. Even if you are plus sized, DO NOT wear baggy clothes! It makes you look heavier than you actually are.


  • Let boots count as pants: Please wear pants! Even if you think your shirt is long, it’s tacky to wear just boots with no pants. Even if your boots are extra-long!


  • Have underwear lines: Don’t wear dark colored thongs with white pants, either. Get a pair of good nude underwear that doesn’t show lines for a sleek, clean look.


  • Mix too many patterns together: Mixing patterns and colors are in, but there are some rules! Make sure that you at least pick colors that compliment each other and patterns that will coordinate so that you don’t look like a circus clown.


  • Let yourself go all out with trends: Make sure that you don’t become too much of a fashion victim or a fashionista. You don’t want to waste all of your money on things that you won’t be able to wear the next season.





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fashion-picsHello there, fashion lovers. Welcome to my fashionville. On here, you will see the good and the bad of fashion and trends in our world today. I will talk about the best bargains and where to get the greatest trends of the season.  Now although I have a passion for fashion, I might get off topic and share my thoughts about life. So grab a cup of tea, sit back,  and enjoy.


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