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Grunge to Grime?

If the Starbucks cups were too subtle for you, note the cell phone in hand.

After the largely dark, recession-tinged array of clothes shown during New York Fashion Week, we’ve been eager to bask in the dramatic, fanciful quirk of Milan’s collections — the searing-hot pinks at Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci’s polka dots, and the baguette hats and handlebar-mustache dress that only Agatha Ruiz de la Prada could hallucinate. So it dismayed us to discover that the Dsquared2 collection — the same boys currently putting the touring Britney Spears in headdresses and feathered epaulets — looked more like a Walk of Shame than a runway show. Is it possible that the pervasive, sloppy-starlet style we’re most accustomed to seeing in Us Weekly’s “Stars: They’re Just Like Us” section (“They look hung-over!”) actually is crossing over to the catwalks? I mean, look at the pictures above. Models are actually holding Starbucks drinks and even cell phones. Last time I checked, Starbucks wasn’t runway related.

For years, we’ve been perplexed by adorable actresses embracing their inner slob grunge. Homeless “chic” made for a brilliant parody in Zoolander, but that movie also theorized that you could brainwash someone into committing murder by playing “Frankie Goes to Hollywood.” It was never meant to be taken seriously. When the satire became celebrity street attire, we threw up our hands. An untidy aesthetic can be excused when you’re popping out for some groceries, and sometimes, the unpolished thing can be very sexy. But there’s carelessly cute, and then there’s looking like “it’s-been-laundry-day-for-the-past-eighteen-months”: Mary-Kate famously pioneered ripped hose paired with mountains of heavy layers (and $2,500 shoes). Lindsay Lohan spent the last two years in leggings and unwashed-looking concert tees. And despite Blair Waldorf’s testimony that tights are not pants, Mischa Barton actually did treat a mangy old pair of brown hosiery as if they were real trousers. Grunge was one thing; what these girls did seemed more like grime.

Which is why it’s alarming to see the ensembles celebrities wear for morning-after coffee runs actually appear, in some form, on the allegedly sophisticated European catwalks — in Dsquared2’s case, complete with real Starbucks cups, in case the point had not been made finely enough.

I, for one, hope this is merely an artistic statement on how our collective economic woes may make us all a tiny bit less self-obsessed. Because if Mary-Kate Olsen’s castoffs are hot for fall, then by spring 2010, there may be nowhere left to go but Pamela Anderson–style track pants, tank tops, and Ugg boots. At a time when we’re seriously considering stuffing all our money under a floorboard, fashion should be our escape. Who wants to bankrupt herself in order to look … well, bankrupt?


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A Little Bit About…Abigail Lorick



The mastermind behind “Lorick” is Abigail Lorick. Born on Amelia Island, Florida, Abigail knew the South couldn’t contain her. At the age of 18, she moved to Paris and Milan to model for designers such as Alberta Ferretti and Mossimo while appearing in acclaimed magazines French C’osmopolitan, American Elle and American Harper’s Bazaar. Working as a model only enhanced her love of fashion and led her to move in 2003, to New York City to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology while working simultaneously at T.S. Dixin. By 2004, Abigail was designing T.S. Dixin’s entire collection. After proving her vision over a few seasons, Abigail’s production manager in India, Verma Singh, approached her to createa collection of her own. Quickly thereafter in the Spring of 2007, she conceptualized and launched the Lorick brand.Waldorf

Lorick DressesYou’ve probably seen Abigail Lorick’s designs on Gossip Girl.  When the model turned fashion designer started her line, the producers for the show quickly grabbed the attention of the new and fresh collection. They were looking for a real line to dub as the Eleanor Waldorf Collection- for the fictional character/designer Eleanor Waldorf. The designer even got the chance to play Eleanor’s assistant in the series. Where do we sign up for that life?! Blair (Leighton Meester) wears a lot of Lorick designs, and there are scenes where she gives away Lorick clothes to Jenny (Taylor Momsen) as hand-me-downs. Most of her pieces are classic and timeless, but there’s always a twist to them, like the backless dresses that Serena and Blair wore in the park. From the front it’s a classic and then from the back it’s sexy. She really finds that line — keeping that timelessness but being sexy, fun and quirky at the same time.

She models for her own line


“I’m hoping to inspire women to dress-up again, to wake up in the morning and throw the scarf on, wear gloves in the summer or pair a T-shirt with a full skirt. Women today don’t embrace that excitement.” –Abigail Lorick

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Dress Like A Star

Have you ever wondered what Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) or Annie Wilson (90210)  is wearing in a certain episode?Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)Annie Wilson (90210) Seen On

Well, now, all of your fashion dreams can be answered! There is a website where you can look up your favorite tv star and search for his or her outfit, right down to the exact episode. You can flip through your favorite channels, rummage around the sale items, or just look at pictures. Just click here and have fun!

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Fashion Forward Accessories

AccessoriesWhen going to runway shows, people often just look at the beautifully created dresses and outfits. Rarely do people grovel over the astonishing accessories: from the extraordinary shoes to the unusual hats.



Crazy Hat

Hats are created and worn for a more dramatic effect on the runway.


Sarah Jessica ParkerOf course, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing this extravagant hat to the Sex and the City primere.

Marc Jacobs ShoesThese shoes designed by Marc Jacobs are called the “Inverted Heel” with the heel under the arch of your foot, instead of on the actual heel.


Be Careful!!WOW. This is a definitely a big difference to what we are used to seeing. British Designer Antonio Beradi designed these sky-high heels without any heel! It’s 5 1/2 inches off the ground…talk about scary! 

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Do’s and Dont’s

The most thing that women lack is confidence. You need to have confidence in order to really shine into the beautiful person that you really are. Everyone has “problems” or something that they don’t like about their body. This year, you need to learn to live with your flaws. Walk a little edgier. Hold your head up a little higher. Smile and show off your own unique self to others. Trust me, people will envy what you have: confidence. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you out.


Orange is chic!DO:

  • Wear high-waisted skirts into the new year: When wearing these stylish skirts, remember to keep your hair, makeup, and accesories modern. Make sure that you tuck your top into the skirt and maybe add a simple belt to achieve the full affect.


  • Stock up orange – it’s the new purple for 2009: Orange is my personal favorite color! I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of brights because even though people are sad, they want to put on a happy face and the big color that’s working right now is orange. I also think we’re also going to be seeing a lot of blues, greens and pinks.


  • Style the bold necklaces: Go for vintage. Some of the best “bold” jewelry pieces can be found for cheap at vintage or thrift stores. Aged pieces tend to have lots of character and pizzazz and can say a lot about your personality. Not to mention, it’s much easier on your wallet.


  • Keep the black (and colored) leggings: Stay away from too-sheer leggings. Other than that, go crazy with prints and colors as long as its matched with a solid color outfit.


  • Switch from black to white nail polish: Black nail polish was all the rage in 2008, which I attribute to the neo-goth “Twilight” phenomenon. I think white nail polish and more French manicures with be seen this year.


  • Mix black and brown, as well as silver and gold: It has always been a rule that black and brown and silver and gold do not go together. Lately in the fashion world, people have broken rules like “don’t wear white after labor day” rule (another “do”!) and “always match your shoes with your handbag” rule.  Mix the colors! Mix the metals! After all, rules are meant to be broken, right?




  • Let magazines take over your own style: Sure, you can go to magazines for style tips and suggestions, but don’t let it over-rule your personal style. That’s what make you unique.


  • Example of a Fashion Victim! She looks too clutteredWear baggy clothes: Go with form fitted or tailored clothes, which are so much more flattering than baggy clothes. Even if you are plus sized, DO NOT wear baggy clothes! It makes you look heavier than you actually are.


  • Let boots count as pants: Please wear pants! Even if you think your shirt is long, it’s tacky to wear just boots with no pants. Even if your boots are extra-long!


  • Have underwear lines: Don’t wear dark colored thongs with white pants, either. Get a pair of good nude underwear that doesn’t show lines for a sleek, clean look.


  • Mix too many patterns together: Mixing patterns and colors are in, but there are some rules! Make sure that you at least pick colors that compliment each other and patterns that will coordinate so that you don’t look like a circus clown.


  • Let yourself go all out with trends: Make sure that you don’t become too much of a fashion victim or a fashionista. You don’t want to waste all of your money on things that you won’t be able to wear the next season.




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Marc Jacob’s New Spring Collection

Marc Jacobs has just come out with a beautiful new spring collection full of silhouettes that remind me a little bit of Gossip Girl. Wraps, plaids, metallics, tweeds, and leather were all mixed onto each model. “Familiar yet fresh,” Jacobs said about the line, although nowhere near simple. Printed and jeweled bags, and 40’s style hats, were mixed in as well, along with bulky jewelry. Not your everyday typical outfits, but Marc Jacobs is not your typical designer.Marc Jacobs 2009 Spring CollectionMarc Jacobs 2009 Spring Collection

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