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A Little Bit About…Tory Burch

It-GirlWhile living in New York city, It-Girl, Tory Burch, has maintained personal relationships with a series of extremely wealthy men. With the financial savvy of her former second husband, she began a fashion label in February 2004 in New York City. It was an immediate success and was even endorsed by Oprah Winfrey the following year. Her label has opened stores in several large American cities and has lines that are sold in several upscale specialty department stores.Logo

FlatsShe is most famous for her affordable, modernized classics, from trademark patterns to easy-chic flats topped with her graphic hardware logo. For an overnight sensation, Burch’s formula for success is as close to home as it comes. She draws inspiration from American icons of the sixties and seventies, including her fashionable mom—but ultimately, she is her own best muse. Tory Burch has won many fashion awards for her designs, and she continues to be involved in high profile personal relationships within the social elite of New York City.



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Fashion Illustration

fashion illustrations

Fashion Illustration is a medium in which creative expression can be given free rein and designers can explore ideas before the realities of budgets, fabrics, or physics intervene.  Fashion designers’ sketches reveal inspiration as well as color and style. When learning to transfer ideas onto paper, designers are taught to find their own style. Each designer should have theier own unique design that sets their designs, or even their drawings, apart from any other designer. Nothing captures a fashion moment or mood quite like a designer’s first drawing for a dress.

Here are a few pictures of distinct fashion illustrations. (I couldn’t find many specific designer sketches.)Sketch by Tracy Reese


IllustrationOld Illustration



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What is Haute Couture?

Japan Theme)The term “haute couture” is French. Haute means “high” or “elegant”. Couture literally means “sewing”, but has come to indicate the business of designing, creating, and selling custom-made, high fashion women’s clothes. Made from scratch for each customer, haute couture clothing typically requires three fittings. It usually takes from 100 to 400 hours to make one dress, costing from $26,000 to over $100,000. A tailored suit starts at $16,000, an evening gown at $60,000.

During fashion’s “golden age,” after World War II, some 15,000 women wore couture. Socialites such as the Duchess of Windsor would order whole collections at a time. Despite the small market, designers maintain haute couture operations partly because the prestige helps sell other products, such as perfume, cosmetics, and their ready-to-wear lines available in stores.

Today only 2,000 women in the world buy couture clothes; 60% are American. Only 200 are regular customers. Often, designers will loan clothes to movie stars or other public figures for publicity. ValentinoValentino


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A Little Bit About…Vera Wang

Vera Wang, age 59, is an American fashion designer based in New York. She is known for her wedding gown collection, among other specialties. Vera Wang has not always been the successful bridal designer like she is today.

Vera WangAs a girl, Wang trained as a figure skater, and competed at the 1968 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. She was actually featured in Sports Illustrated’s Faces in the Crowd in the January 8, 1968 issue. When she failed to make the U.S. Olympic team, she entered the fashion industry.

Wang was a senior fashion editor for Vogue for sixteen years. In 1985, she left Vogue after being turned down for the editor-in-chief position currently filled by Anna Wintour and joined Ralph Lauren as a design director for two years. In 1990, she opened her own design salon in the Carlyle Hotel in New York which featured her trademark bridal gowns. She has designed costumes for figure skaters, including Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan. She also has made wedding gowns for Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner, and Sharon Stone among others.

Vera Wang has expanded her brand name through her fragrance, jewelry, eyeware, shoe and houseware collections. She also wrote the book Vera Wang on Weddings which was released by Harper Collins in October, 2001. On May 27, 2006, Wang was awarded the André Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In the Sex and the City movie, Vera Wang was featured amongst the many bridal gowns Carrie Bradshaw wore in a Vogue photo shoot.

Today, Vera Wang is one of the most prominent fashion designers in New York City.Vera Styles

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Fashion Forward Accessories

AccessoriesWhen going to runway shows, people often just look at the beautifully created dresses and outfits. Rarely do people grovel over the astonishing accessories: from the extraordinary shoes to the unusual hats.



Crazy Hat

Hats are created and worn for a more dramatic effect on the runway.


Sarah Jessica ParkerOf course, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing this extravagant hat to the Sex and the City primere.

Marc Jacobs ShoesThese shoes designed by Marc Jacobs are called the “Inverted Heel” with the heel under the arch of your foot, instead of on the actual heel.


Be Careful!!WOW. This is a definitely a big difference to what we are used to seeing. British Designer Antonio Beradi designed these sky-high heels without any heel! It’s 5 1/2 inches off the ground…talk about scary! 

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Would You Wear This Trend?

Bow BlouseBow Blouse: The bow blouse is one of the biggest trends of the new season. Amira Casar wore hers with a graphic skirt. What do you think?


LaceLace: Maggie Gyllenhaal donned a lacy orange (orange lace!) dress from Jean Paul Gaultier for one of the raciest incarnations of lace this season. Is that a look you would wear?


Bold NecklaceBold Necklace: Jennifer Missoni paired an earthy, bold necklace with a neutral top and simple hair: very chic! But are you ready to wear an statement necklace like this?


RufflesRuffles: The ruffles on Cameron Diaz’ white minidress by Fendi were perfectly face-framing. Are you ready to try wearing feminine ruffles?

Studded BeltStudded Belt: Sarah Jessica Parker kicked off the studded belt trend with her vintage studded black belt for Sex and the City, the Movie. Mischa Barton’s version of studded belt pops on a solid black strapless dress. How would you wear one?


Hercules?Gladiator Sandals: Gladiator sandals are one of the season’s hottest trends, but are you worried that you’ll look too much like Hercules?

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Most Un-Fabulous Looks of Spring 2009 Shows

There were so many beautiful, new and fresh looks from New York’s fashion week last fall. Every designer works so hard on each piece of clothing that gets presented on the runway during fashion week. However, there were a few looks that were…pretty out there.Hideous Look on the runway Here are a few:

Is this even considered a piece of clothing? How can the model see down the runway?

Pretty in Pink?


This garment looks like an Elle Woods Re-mix! There are way too many different colors of pink on this model! And maybe, next time, the fabric could be a little more modest.

This. is. scary.

Would you want your boyfriend wearing this? Or even your girlfriend?? I know that mixing patterns are in style, but I think this is just too much. I mean, look at his face! Even he is embarrassed to style this look.


It looks as if this model stepped out of Star Trek or Star Wars. Right down to the shoes and gloves.



I give credit to the color and the modernization, but I personally would not wear this even if I were a nun. There is way too much fabric on the pleated bottom half and the “foot-cuffs” don’t appeal to me much.

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