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No, not Vera Wang…

veraneumannVera Neumann! Mention vintage scarves and the name “Vera” immediately pops up into my head. My grandmother gave me countless Vera scarfs, each one of them a little different. The designer behind the name was Vera Neumann, an artist turned textile designer. Vera began designing textiles in the 40s after she and her husband founded Printex. She is known for her optimistic patters and bold color in her scarves. vera-logoShe chose the ladybug as her trademark to bring good luck, long life, and happiness to everyone! Now, anthropologie is introducing an exclusive line of apperal and home decor featuring prints by Vera Neumann.vera2



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Hermès Scarves

hermesDo you remember that silk-patterned scarf, from your childhood, that your grandmother would always wear around her neck? Scarves actually originated to keep your neck and head warm, since that is primarily where all of the heat is lost. But soon after they were popular, silk scarves became a fashion accesory for every woman. Woman would fill up their closets with numerous scarves just to have at least five in every color. Founded in 1837, by Thierry Hermès, Hermès scarves were considered Luxury fashion items. Each scarf measures 90cm and is woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons. All Hermès scarves are hand-printed using multiple silk screens and the hems are all hand-stitched.

Did you know? An Hermès scarf (pronounced Air-Mez) is sold somewhere in the world every twenty-five seconds.

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